Why I’ll Never Succeed as a Food Blogger

Whilst enjoying my renewed focus this afternoon, I decided to dig around the web for some dinner inspiration.  Lovely recipes, mouth-watering photographs – the paleo foodie community are a talented bunch.  I decided however to fall back on my favourite meal – chorizo salmon.  I’ve managed to find some nice ‘clean’ chorizo which is the perfect partner for wild salmon.  Completely fool-proof too.  Chop up chorizo, throw in beside salmon. Bake.  Add a squeeze of lemon to serve.  Simple but tasty.

I paused for a second and thought about taking a photo for the blog. Maybe I could post some delicious pictures too.  No way! Too hungry and dinner is too tasty to wait any longer.  I did however manage to take a shot of the leftover chorizo shortly before I scoffed it.  (Can there be such a thing as leftover chorizo?)


Maybe I’m the first Paleo ’empty dish’ food blogger?